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on Sunday 17 October 2004
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Sherman's Degree Project Documentation on Binary Space Partitioning (BSP)

The following Adobe Acrobat PDF files are the exact project documentation files used by Sherman for his final year degree project. They are displayed here in the spirit of knowledge sharing among the game development community and have been specially written to be more light-hearted than a formal degree project. Although the contents and code are copyrighted, please do feel free to learn and quote from the documentation so long as due credit is given. To view the PDF files, please use the free Adobe Acrobat Reader provided by Adobe at

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0.4.Table of Contents
1.1.Glint of Genesis
1.3.Prelude To Insanity
2.1.Computer Graphics Primer
2.2.Computer Games Primer
2.3.BSP Theory
2.4.BSP Analysis Part 1
2.5.BSP Analysis Part 2
3.1.Aims and Objectives
3.2.Development Methodology
3.3.Hardware and Software Requirements
4.1.Design Considerations
4.2.UML Diagrams
6.1.S3D In Action
6.2.Under The Hood
6.3.BSP Implementation
7.2.Final Thoughts
8.2.Setup Instructions
8.3.Project Specification Form
8.4.Progress Reports
8.5.Source Code

Please browse our Downloads section for the free source and executable code.
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