Gundam Seed Full English Dub Anime Episodes on YouTube!

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Gundam Seed Full English Dub Anime Episodes on YouTube!

Post by Sherman Chin » Wed Sep 13, 2017 8:11 am

Gundam Seed remains my favourite anime series of all time and I own multiple box sets of it. However, I find it hard to introduce the anime series to friends as some of them don't return my borrowed discs. So I am really so happy to find the entire series recently uploaded to YouTube:

IMHO, both the hero, Kira, and heroine, Lacus, have the INFJ personality type. They seem like lovers but are not infatuated with each other. They both travel along parallel paths and work together in a harmonious relationship. You don't see them getting too crazy about each other. They are like the bestest of friends! ^_^

Remember to buy the original boxsets! It's worth it to be able to watch the extra features and both the English dub and the original Japanese language. The English songs alone don't do the excellent Japanese songs justice.

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