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Posted by e107 on Tuesday 07 September 2010 - 10:18:52 | Comments are turned off for this item | printer friendly
Sherman3D's work on Scribblenauts

Scribblenauts, the Nintendo DS game which was worked on by Sherman3D, for 5th Cell Media LLC. and published by Warner Bros. Entertainment, has sold more than 1.18 Million copies worldwide according to VG Chartz. Thank you very much to all the eyeballs viewing our artwork! ^_^

Posted by Sherman on Friday 28 May 2010 - 06:00:36 | Comments are turned off for this item | printer friendly
Nintendo DS Lock's Quest Art Review

Reviews complimenting the art done by Sherman3D for Lock's Quest:
"Those who played 5th Cell's last game, Drawn to Life, will notice a
few similarities in the visual design of Lock's Quest. Both games
feature a vibrant color palette, attractive detailed scenery, and
smoothly animated characters. A more mature art style might have
suited this game better, but the visuals are great regardless."
"Graphics: 8.6
The game uses 2D spritework the likes of which we don't see nearly
often enough. Characters are full of life, thanks to smooth animations
and plenty of personality. The game's environments are varied and
colorful, and also feature exemplary sprite work."
"I LOVE the artists' style... that's the kind of style that makes or
breaks (in this case Makes) a good game... Just look how many fans
scoffed at Advance War DoR's change of art style and almost boycotted
it because of the change of art... now most of 'em art lovin'it.. "

"The game is also easy on the eyes. The aforementioned number of
on-screen sprites is impressive, but toss in vibrant colors and
animation routines for the 2-D sprites and you have yourself a hectic
battle. The visuals appear lovingly designed, and the surroundings are
frequently lit up with spells and special effects"

Posted by e107 on Wednesday 29 April 2009 - 21:43:57 | Comments are turned off for this item | printer friendly
Happy Prosperous Chinese New Year!

Posted by Sherman on Saturday 31 January 2009 - 20:12:41 | Comments are turned off for this item | printer friendly
Sherman3D wants you!

Photo of our office with members of the Sherman3D team and Jeff Luke from our business partner in America, 5th Cell Media LLC.

We are currently is on the lookout for 2D sprite tileset pixel artists to work on Nintendo DS and PC casual games. GUI design and 3D modeling/texturing/animation skills are an added bonus. Familiarity with open source software like GIMP and Blender is appreciated. This position will be fulltime (Mon-Fri) in our office at SunwayMas Commercial Center, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia. Interested in joining us? Please e-mail your resume and portfolio to Info @

Posted by e107 on Tuesday 22 July 2008 - 10:34:26 | Comments are turned off for this item | printer friendly
A visit from Canadian Trade Commissioner in Malaysia.

Sherman3D thanks the Canadian Trade Commissioner, John L Nojey, for his visit to our office on October 10 2006. It was a very productive meetup that helped Sherman3D foster further business relationships with Canadian companies.

Posted by Sherman on Sunday 15 October 2006 - 17:06:00 | Comments are turned off for this item | printer friendly
Futuristic 3D environment

Here are some lowpoly 3D in-game renders we did for Retina Software using Blender:

Posted by Sherman on Thursday 05 October 2006 - 07:38:21 | Comments are turned off for this item | printer friendly
Alpha Kimori manga prototype page 5.

Another preview page of the Alpha Kimori manga prototype (not final) that we are working on. Please read from right to left as in original Japanese manga. This particular page has been rotated so that it will fit into the site's layout. Please read from top to bottom.


Posted by Sherman on Wednesday 27 September 2006 - 12:48:00 | Comments are turned off for this item | printer friendly
Sherman3D Multimedia Inc.
Sherman3D Multimedia Inc., a branch of Sherman3D Sdn Bhd, was incorporated in British Columbia, Canada, on July 7 2006. President of the company is Tiffany Lim, Vice President is Naoko Nakagawa and CEO is Sherman Chin. We hope to serve you better with our new establishment.

We are currently seeking 2D sprite artists, game GUI artists (with experience in GIMP - ) and 3D lowpoly modeling/texturing/animation artists (with experience in Blender - ). If you are interested, please write to us at Info @


Posted by Sherman on Sunday 09 July 2006 - 08:02:34 | Comments are turned off for this item | printer friendly
Balloon Express casual game
In 'Balloon Express', you'll join Amelia across the globe with her hot air balloon to deliver mails and packages to the most wondrous and exotic places in the world.

Help Amelia build her own unique delivery business and find out why she had to take this journey. You'll be soaring over landscapes of villages, woods, ancient ruin and exotic city all over the world. Checking each house that come in view and sending the right kind of delivery to that house. You can also try the fun and addictive puzzle mode where your keen eyes help you match the mails and packages before time runs out. You will be pitted against your own limits!

Game features:
-One-handed gaming, mouse only.
-In-game tutorial to easily learn about the game.
-No level will be the same, using our object generator, you can play Balloon Express over and over again!
-Two gameplay modes, an adventurous story mode and challenging puzzle mode.
-Autosave your progress with personal profile.
-Fun cartoony, colorful graphics.

Download Balloon Express here!

This is the 30-minute trial version! You can purchase the license key at only 19.95 USD to unlock the entire game from

Posted by e107 on Monday 22 May 2006 - 05:54:00 | Comments are turned off for this item | printer friendly
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