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Game Development Gathering in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

A game development gathering, chaired by Trey Ratcliff and Robert Rice, was held on Thurday, 28 October 2004 at the McDonalds in Midvalley Megamall, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. There were a total of 10 attendees from various game development backgrounds in Malaysia. Everyone had a magnificent time garnering what knowledge they could from Trey, who shared his game development experience, and Robert, who shared his business and legal experience. Some of the topics discussed included:

1) Game development funding sources.

2) Trustworthy publishers.

3) Increasing credibility with finished completed products.

4) The mobile game industry in the US.

5) Revenue models for the game industry.

6) Local government assistance for local talents.

7) Experience versus talent.

Trey Ratcliff was hired earlier this year as general manager for Ion Storm (under Eidos). Unfortunately, he only stayed six months, as Eidos' plans of expanding the shop for three projects fizzled when the company took a hit. Trey's background includes several years as part of the Global Internet group within Andersen Consulting. He has spent time consulting for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, had some of his work inducted into the Smithsonian Institution, and implemented Six Sigma methodologies at several clients. Trey graduated from Southern Methodist University where he studied Computer Science and Math.

Robert Rice is the founder of Orchid Media ( ), a company that provides business consulting services to small companies, with an emphasis on high-tech startups and small game developers. Before Orchid Media, Robert Rice also founded an MMORPG consultancy company, Zreality, Inc.

Our esteemed speakers, Robert Rice and Trey Ratcliff

From left (with faces facing forward): Fabio Lee, Jefery Chua, PC (from a new startup game dev. company), Kevin, Sherman

Photos courtesy of Yow Chuan ( ). Please comment in our forum.

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